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Everyone has a couch or chair that they love and have had for years. It has probably seen its fair share of spilled drinks, pet stains and the inevitable wear-and-tear that comes with having upholstered furniture. Maybe your curtains could use a freshening up or maybe you have an upholstered headboard that could use a good cleaning. Although you might not realize it, the upholstered surfaces in your home can harbor dead skin, mites, and odors from cooking, pets or smoking. Whatever the upholstered item, you do not need to replace it. Let Always clean Carpet Cleaning & Restoration show you how a deep cleaning of your upholstered surfaces will make them look like new again, restore their color and texture and remove any embedded odors.

Upholstered furniture and household mattresses are expensive items to replace. The problem is that they collect dust, germs, odors, dead skin and mites over time. Without proper cleaning, your upholstered surfaces could be giving you more than you bargained for. Couches, chairs and mattresses are not the only prime culprits. If you have curtains in your home that cannot be placed in the wash, then you have some very predictable dust and odor collectors that have probably been hanging on your windows for years. Custom curtains are especially expensive and hard to replace. They should be properly cared for with cleanings at least annually. At Always clean Carpet Cleaning & Restoration, we can clean your upholstered surfaces as well as your mattresses, leaving them looking and smelling like new. We can even apply a stain guard treatment that will prevent the treated surface from absorbing harsh stains and odors in the future.

Green Cleaning

Homeowners often ask us what types of chemicals we use to get their upholstered surfaces so clean. Our response is that the solutions we use are a chemical-free proprietary method for your carpets, rugs, upholstery, draperies, tile & grout and hard surfaces. We are a Nature’s Way certified company which means that we have surpassed the strict regulations required for this certification. Your upholstered surfaces and mattresses will be naturally clean, naturally free of odor, and naturally safe for you, your family and your pets to rest and play upon.

Deep Cleaning

Have you ever come home from a long vacation and gotten an unpleasant smell of your home when you open the door? That’s the smell of your home that family, friends and guests smell whenever they enter your home. You are immune to it because you live there every day. If you have a dog or cat, chances are that you are not resistant to the wet animal smell that is in the homes of most animal lovers. It can come from any pet, no matter how clean they are. Although it is a natural odor, it is one that guests can immediately sense when they enter your home. A candle or deodorizer can only mask the scent for a little while. The truth is that all upholstered surfaces in the home harbor smells that need to be professionally removed. At Suffolk Carpet Cleaners, our organic cleaning products combined with professional deep cleaning machines allow us to achieve a deep clean that would be impossible for most homeowners.