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Most homeowners with hardwood or tile floors will inevitably have some area rugs in their homes. They could be under a dining room table or in a living room, den or bedroom to make the room warmer and softer. They could be at a door or entry for family and friends to wipe their shoes (or paws) when they enter your home. Whatever your reason for having an area rug, chances are you have never had it professionally deep cleaned.

Area rugs are usually overlooked by homeowners because they believe that a casual vacuuming is enough to clean an area rug. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Not only can area rugs house dirt and odor from the outdoors, they are also breeding grounds for dust mites and allergens, just like any installed carpet would be. Many homeowners notice a certain odor in their home and can never figure out where it is coming from. Chances are it is coming from an area rug that is in desperate need of a deep cleaning. Some area rugs such as Oriental rugs or Persian rugs can often be very expensive and should be cleaned delicately. Food stains, drink spills and pet stains could potentially ruin an otherwise beautiful and expensive area rug. At Always clean Carpet Cleaning & Restoration, we treat your area rug with white-glove service.

Chemical-Free Rug Cleaning

Our patented solutions use only compounds found in nature to clean even the most delicate of rugs. You won’t have to worry about color fading or breakage with any of our services. Our machines are strong cleaners but react well to delicate surfaces. We have been called upon to clean antique rugs, tassel rugs, Oriental and Persian rugs with excellent results and over 20,000 satisfied customers across Long Island since our formation in 2006. We are a Nature’s Way certified company which means that we have already passed the rigorous requirements needed to obtain such a certification. Our green cleaning solutions will leave your area rug with a natural fresh scent and no chemical residue to harm the skin of your loved ones or cloud the air that you breathe.

Commercial Rug Cleaning

Restaurant owners, hotels and office maintenance teams understand the importance of area rugs in their establishments. It is a proven fact that when people enter a room and see an area rug in the entry way, it will give that client reason to wipe their feet when they come in. This is imperative in preventing slip-and-fall accidents for themselves and other patrons, and for maintaining the beautiful appearance of the surface below. Area rugs are also a nice way to break up the space in waiting areas and conference rooms, making guests feel more comfortable and at home. The problem is that many business owners neglect to realize how much foot traffic and area rug sees on a daily basis, and ultimately neglect to properly clean them. Imagine the site of a beautifully polished floor and a smelly, dirty area rug on top! Our repeat commercial clients know that when they need a job done professionally, they can count on Always clean Carpet Cleaning & Restoration.