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The nature of carpets makes them prone to deeply embedded dirt and dust that household vacuums can only partially remove. Your guests may walk into your home with their shoes on and bring all kinds of dirt and debris onto your carpet. Your pets may inadvertently track in grime and who-knows-what from outside and even shed hair all over your beautifully carpeted surfaces. You may have had spills on your carpet that you thought you cleaned up, but the truth is that most liquid stains very quickly seep into the deepest parts of carpet pile and are impossible to clean without professional cleaning methods. At Always clean Carpet Cleaning & Restoration, we can make your carpets look as new as the day you bought them.

Carpets Harbor Odor & Dust Mites

Most homeowners are shocked to find out that their carpets can harbor odor and dust mites. Dust mites are happy to thrive on any surface that collects dust and dead skin. Without realizing it, our carpets are the perfect living space for dust mites to hide- especially carpets with shag or pile. A household vacuum can only collect a small percentage of the mites and allergens that are deeply embedded in your carpet. Our professional cleaning machines reach the deepest parts of the carpet pile and pull out mites, dirt and debris that you never even knew existed.

Green Carpet Shampoo

The carpet machines that are available to rent from your local market often come with cleaning solutions that are harsh on your carpets and leave chemical residues that can be harmful to your family members- especially if you have babies or pets that often roll around and play on your carpets. Many homeowners are inexperienced at carpet shampooing and many times they will over-shampoo their carpets, leaving them with covered in extra residue that will eventually dry and end up in the air that they breathe. Another problem is that they don’t always remove all of the moisture in the carpet when the cleaning is complete and could take upwards of 48 hours to air dry. Always clean Carpet Cleaning & Restoration is a Nature’s Way certified company and uses only compounds that are found in nature to thoroughly clean your carpeted surfaces. Our machines remove so much moisture from the carpets that we treat, that most homeowners report their carpets completely dry in less than 24 hours. Our patented formulas are safe for babies and animals, and will not affect the air quality of your home. Our formulas leave your carpets with a clean and fresh smell, not because we are masking the odors with harsh chemical smells, but because your carpets will actually naturally be clean and fresh.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial properties are those in need of the most cleaning. In a public office or commercial space, people will track in dirt and grime from outside, quickly leaving surfaces looking less than beautiful and very unkempt and unprofessional. Landlords call us to clean their carpet before new tenants move in, and building owners always use our cleaning methods time and again. Trust your commercial carpet cleaning to Always clean Carpet Cleaning & Restoration.